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Community position, facilities

Community position

The community Ľubica lies in the north-east of Slovakia below the High Tatras in the altitude of 630 m in vicinity of the district town Kežmarok. The community environs are characterized by a rugged, mild steep land. The bounds of Ľubica comprise the huge area of coniferous forests rich in animals and in healing springs of sulphuric waters. The community with its environs belongs to fluvial, mild warm and mild wet locality with mild winters. The average year’s temperature is 6 ˚C.

Letecký pohľad na Ľubicu

Community facilities

Post office with a post bank, medical centre, pharmacy, filling station, tire service, car components, groceries, drug stores, textiles, painting items, newsagent’s, florists, inns, night bar, bed & breakfast, accommodation and catering establishment. 

Sports and cultural facilities and events

Football field, indoor automatic bowling, fitness centre, swimming pool, community house, hunting district, power triathlon, running in Ľubica, indulgence feast, 100- year old fire pump. The environs are suitable for winter and summer hiking, paragliding.


dnes je: 19.9.2019

meniny má: Konštantín

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Počasie v Ľubici

Počasie Ľubica tu

Plyn: 0850 111727
Voda: 052 7729548
Elektrina: 0800 123332
Verejné osvetlenie:
0905 710453
Káblová televízia a rozhlas:
02 20828208

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