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Community symbols

Community coat-of-arms Community coat-of-arms

In 1970 before celebration of 700th anniversary of granting the privileges by the Hungarian sovereign Stephan V., both the idea and request to create the community coat-of.-arms came form the incentive of community bodies. The content of the coat-of-arms was found in the oldest Ľubica seal from the 14th century, which is located in the State district archive in Levoča. The Ľubica coat-of-arms is formed by silver dressed Virgin Mary with a child, sitting on golden bench, crowned in gold and heraldically accompanied with three golden stars on the right and four golden stars on the left set on blue shield.
The community approved the coat-of-arms and applied on 21st May 1970.

Historic community seal Historic community seal

The seal of Ľubica community is formed by the community coat-of-arms with a thick script
“OBEC ĽUBICA”. Ľubica used the seal with Virgin Mary and the child already in medieval ages. The oldest seal with this symbol comes already from 14th century. It comprises the inscription” Communitatis –LVBITZ”, written in Gothic script. This symbol is on the seals from 16 and 19th centuries as well.



The community flag The community flag

The community flag is formed by seven alternate longitudinal blue and white stripes. The flag has proportion of sides 2:3 and is ended by three points, i.e. by two slits reaching to the third of flag sheet. The community flag is used by the community mayor and municipal board by festive and official occasions of community or state character.


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